Goodbye | Adjö

Peak Performance Guildford is now closed.

We know these times weren’t the easiest for all of us, but we are optimists - we see the glass half-full, instead of half-empty. But our journey in the UK has come to an end. 

Peak Performance Guildford closed its physical doors at our Guildford store this time last year and at the end of this month we close our digital doors. The brand is still going strong globally and will continue selling to UK customers from the global website. Our time representing the brand as an independent business has been a rollercoaster ride and we're grateful to have built such a wonderful customer base and community of Peak fans. 

We can't thank-you enough for supporting our independent business, we loved seeing so many of you visit our first store on the High street and our second store on Market Street in Guildford. And for continuing to buy from us when we moved online only, we couldn't have done it without you.

You will still be able to buy from the Peak Performance brand, visit

Until next time, keep active! 

Peak Performance Guildford